Notas de viaje de dos malungos, note di viaggio di due malunghi: Colombia, Italia, India, Nepal, Thailandia, Burma/Myanmar.


Peace Educating.


They say that is in the world, that is inside each thing, act, silence.

They say it has a color, that fly and that only can be understood with the heart.

DSC00367pIn India, Assam, Nagaland or in Nepal, as in Bogotá, Italy, Budapest or Cartagena, we try…

We are truly convinced that education with consciousness is a way to change, to transform not only communities or schools but the inside of each individual.

Peace must be built from the inside, must be felt from the inside… that´s why we try.


We try.

We try to move that thing that is inside, that is deep inside and that is a core, a natural, deep core that we all, all, share.

IMGP5163pWe try to make it move, we try to make ourselves and the others to be conscious of this core.

We try to move, and to make it move, by moving, by dancing, by using Theatre, music, games.

Running, pausing, mirroring, showing outside what we feel inside, taking it out, sculpturing, carving.

Feeling it.

IMGP5157pBecause we have got it.

We all have got it.

We all have got it, inside.

It is our core.

It is peace.




There is music…

I am aware when I dance.

I am aware of movement, of my body moving, my existence breathing in and breathing out. As part of everything: being inside and yet outside. I’m aware when I dance, the movement I just made doesn’t exist but the next one depends on that one that is gone, and the movement that is coming will fade in seconds. Existence like dancing.

There is music everywhere, just listen at it in silence, in every person, in every step, in every mountain. In each movement, like in a flower, lies the magic and truth of impermanence.


Let the river flow.

DSC_6225pIt is the Ganga.

Or maybe it’s the Danube, or the Guadalquivir, or the river Bogotá (there is a river Bogotá), or the Po, or the Navigli or even the Boate.

It is flowing.

It has always been flowing.

You are inside.

Your life, the persons you met, the places you’ve been, what you did, what you do.

It is flowing, and it is you.

Your thoughts, many many thoughts, like a cascade of thinking, forms, images, names, simbols, roles, words.

DSC_6062pYou try to swim, yes, to swim, to a direction, to a goal, to something that you want to reach.

There, yes, it’s there you must go, it’s there they told you that you should go, it’s there that it is normal to swim, that you are supposed to swim.

You swim opposing the current and it is so difficult, so tiring, the waves of water come towards you, they go in your throat, and the more you put efforts, the more the current is strong and you have to fight against the flow, every day.

I must stay the same, I must stay here in the middle of the water, no movement, stability, no-change.

You use all my energies, efforts, money, time, all my life, to close my eyes shut and swim against the waves, because nothing has to ever change, because I must pay a 30-years loan for my house, because I have dependants, because I am dependant, because of all the things that are mine, my house, my car, my dog, my husband, my wife, my religion, my party, my TV, I need them, they need me.

I struggle, I fight against the flow, because I have a position, a reputation, a title in front of my name, a Mr. Mrs. Ing. Avv. Phd. Dr. in front of my name, because I have a status and a form.

Because I have a position.

Because I have a name.

I have a name.

But I am not my name.

I am not my name.

Frustration, misery, insatisfaction, anger.

DSC_6297pSo I stop for a minute, the river is all around me.

Flowing, naturally flowing, keeping on flowing.

Total indifferent of my efforts.

Just flowing.

I open my eyes.

And I surrender to the river flowing around, and I start following the wave.

I let it go.

I just let it go.

And instantaneously the current calms itself.

Because I am calming myself.

I let it go, I let it flow.

There is no goal, there is no direction, there is nothing to fight against.

The river flows, it has always been flowing, it will be flowing with me, or without me.

The river keeps flowing, changing, Panta rei, and myself I keep flowing and changing into it.

Into the same rivers we step and do not step. We are and we are not.

Potamoís tois autois embainomén de kai ouk embainomen,

eimen de kai out eimen (Heraclitus 49a)

DSC06283pI follow the wave. I have a sweet taste in my mouth.

It is quiet. And calm.

There are no names, no title. No yesterday, no tomorrow.

No there, no here.

No me, no you.

And I realize that I am watching myself in the river while I am sitting on the side of it.

I am inside, and outside.

I observe myself and the river passing, like everything is passing.

I witness myself my wave and the movement.

DSC_6749pAnd I realize that all the waves flow one into the other.

No one is a separate flow, everybody flows dependentely, there is no indipendent wave.

All of them flow, all of us are a only part.

All of us are a part of the river.

We are and we are not.

The river flows.

I am the river and I am not the river.

I am and I am not.

I smile.


Indian excrements.

There is something constant in our stay in India.

Its smell.


No, not the curry, or the masala, or the paneer butter masala.

It’s the Indian excrements.

Ok, speaking clearly: the Indian shit.

There is a lot.

If you count that on average a human being gives birth everyday to 150g of warm production, and that in India there are 1.190.589.000 estimated persons, that makes every day 178.900 tons of shit.

DSC00410pMore or less like a daily Indian Empire State Building.

Of Indian shit. Every single day.

Lets think about that seriously for a moment.

And we did not include in the calculation the omnipresent cow shit: with that we could possibly go on the moon and come back.

They pile it, they build mountains out of it, they burn it, children play with it, (isn’t that like playdoh-pongo?) they make bricks and finally houses out of it.

DSC06595pLet’s take the OM symbol.

DSC06595p2The famous OM.

The sacred OM.

Now watch it on a side and tell me sincerely what it looks like. Sincerely.

It is time to give to that the important spot it deserves.

Non so voi, ma a me viene in mente il Necchi nella scena del vasino in “Amici Miei” del nostro Mario Monicelli.

“Ma e’ mostvuoso! E continua a favne! Non si ferma piú!”


HIV/AIDS in Nagaland.

AIDS_red_ribbonIndia is the third country in the world, behind South Africa and Nigeria for HIV/AIDS prevalence.

Nagaland, the state where we are Peace-Educating, is now one of the regions with the highest HIV/AIDS prevalence in India and in the world.

Nagaland comes under the category of generalized HIV/AIDS epidemic. In occasion of 1st december, World Day against HIV/AIDS, the Nagaland State AIDS Control Society (NSACS) updated figures have been published: HIV prevalence rate in Nagaland is around 1.20% of the population, with 84% rate infection through sexual trasmission.

The NSACS stated that the HIV positivity is increasing in Dimapur (the city where we are Peace-Educating), and that the positive cases could be even more, since many infected persons are avoiding tests for fear of stigma and discrimination in the (very conservator and christian) Nagaland society.

Previous figures from UNDP showed that fearing discrimination, around 28% men and 36% women in Nagaland have not disclosed their HIV-positive status in the community, contributing to a dreadful spread of the HIV virus in the civil society.

Other figures showed that in the rural areas of Nagaland, only 57.6% of men and 41.5% of women were aware of the use of the condom as a means to prevent HIV infection.

DSC06422pInfection through sexual route is the major concern, here in Nagaland.

Nevertheless we came in touch with a misinformation campaign on HIV/AIDS performed in a christian rivate school in Dimapur with kids and teenagers that have been preached to avoid sex (speaking to teenagers…) and having a life-long partner in order to avoid HIV infection.

Photo here on the side (we added with photoshop a red NOT ONLY!).

This kind of preaching is not only useless. It is indeed a criminal campaign that actually helps spreading the lethal HIV virus.

AIDS_condom_life_saverIn occasion of the World Day against HIV/AIDS, we want to quote the words of UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé commenting the recent declaration of the Vatican opening on the use of condoms.

“UNAIDS advocates the use of HIV prevention approach that utilizes all proven methods for HIV prevention (…). The male latex condom is the single, most efficient, available technology to reduce the sexual transmission of HIV and other sexually trasmitted infections.”




Ideological colonialism.

You educate me to your peace,

you tell me that I am a barbarian,

that I should dress like this, eat like this, pray like this,

you tell me that your god is the right one

you tell me that I am a pagan.


Yes: but.

I can still redeem myself.

If I see the light and worship your exported god.

So I let you educate me, to your way of seeing the world: you want mine to look the same as yours.

I start forgetting my past, my language, my traditions, my food, my culture.

You educate me, you wash my brain,

that is now clean and normal.

You do not care what is now my actual way to see things, the world,

and myself.

You do not really care about me.

The important things are rules and norms.

The most important thing is that sign, that simbol, that flag,

that form,

that will label me in favor of your part (against others).

If I try to stick away that label

I will be an a-normal,

a dissident,

a conflictive person.

But the conflict was not there before your arrival.

Before the labels, the norms, the *We-Vs.-You*, the divisions.

Before, all our tribes, our peoples, lived well altogether.

Yes, but now only I have been educated.

Now I am normal, and the others here are still barbarians.

They need to be educated,

to be straightened,

(it’s god who wants it)

with the force if necessary.

Ti cercarono l’anima a forza di botte.

They kicked and punched out all your soul.

Because I am right and normal

and you are wrong and pagan.

They normalized me.

They evangelized and converted me.

They did not with you.

What a pity.

Well, now someone will bring a flower to your tomb.


Deus vult.

DSC06272pQuando c’é un piano divino imperscutabile, rimango sempre un po’ perplesso.

Quando guerre, violenze, oppressioni, sopraffazioni sono autorizzate e volute da una Volontá ultraterrena, avrei voglia di fare due terrene parole con la Volontá in questione.

Quando in un Ashram in India un Swami dice che il terribile sistema rigido delle Caste (ancora presentissime qui in India), della povertá estrema, dell’oppressione delle donne Indiane (le ragazze qui hanno pochissime possibilitá) sono necessitá e punti di vista umani mentre il Divino ha Piani che non riconosciamo, e che perché no, prevedono qualche guerra, violenza e oppressione, rimango amareggiato.


Le caste son belle e necessarie, certo, se parli da una comoda casta alta.

Quando genocidi, guerre sante, crociate, inquisizione, torture, Shoah, pulizie etniche, 11 Settembre, carri armati sui bambini, kamikaze, guerre preventive sono autorizzate da un Deus Vult mi chiedo che tipo di deus vult questo.

Quando si dice Va bé, senti, se ti va male tanto poi c’é la prossima-vita in cui ti reincarni, c’é il paradiso, terre promesse, pascoli eterni e tutto é parte di un Piano Divino, a me sembra un piano poco divino, e molto in-umano.

DSC_6354pMi vengono in mente due cose.

La prima é il mistico Eraclito (520 a.e.c.): “Gli uomini sono immortali, gli dei sono mortali.”

Zeus é morto e sepolto da un bel po’, Giove pure, e con loro tutte le guerre in loro nome. Noi siamo qui.

La seconda é Ghostbusters (1984 e.c.): “Ray, ascoltami. La prossima volta se qualcuno ti chiede – Sei tu forse un Dio? – Tu devi rispondere SI!!”