Notas de viaje de dos malungos, note di viaggio di due malunghi: Colombia, Italia, India, Nepal, Thailandia, Burma/Myanmar.

Life @ Boudha. F.

We have been living in Boudha for many months now. In Nepal, in Kathmandu, but first of all in Boudha.

Many things to do here, to Educate, to Educate for Peace. Many things to do, yes. We tried to do it, for Tibetan Refugees and Exiles in Nepal, for women and youth, for street children.

To educate, to Peace Educate.

Peace. Here in Boudha it is what you breathe, every day: Peace.

Coming back home, coming back to our home in Boudha, the huge eyes of the big stupa of Boudha.

Difficult to explain how those big eyes make us feel mindful, present, alive, aware of been alive, and so happy to be.

Those big open eyes, reminding to keep our eyes open. Open to who we are, open to what we want, to our mind and heart.

To our minds and hearts.

Monks, Amala’s, Tibetan and Nepalese children, mothers, even dogs, all of them walking clockwise around the Stupa.

All of them turning the 108 prayer wheels around it, in order to remind themselves that everything changes, all the time, every day, that we are turning around ourselves.

Everything is a wheel.

End is beginning.


But the prayer wheels, all of them, contain a Mantra, that goes out of the wheel with each turn.



A mantra, that can escape from the neverending chains of beginning-end, a mantra that can make us step up the Stupa, aware and mindful, instead of going around it.


A mantra that is inside each wheel, inside everything.

Inside ALL of us.


During these months in Nepal we are giving all we can, to Peace, to Education, to Peace Education.

We tried to give Peace, and we received, we breathed, Peace.

So much, Peace.




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