Notas de viaje de dos malungos, note di viaggio di due malunghi: Colombia, Italia, India, Nepal, Thailandia, Burma/Myanmar.

100 metres to Nirvana.

DSC07148pIt is, and it was (like here).

It’s much easier than what they told you:

It’s enough to follow the street signs.

Then at the end of the road you find it.

Just follow the indications, reach the end of the road, and you’ll find it.

The point is that when you find it there will be no road, because there will be no one to have found it.

Oh, well, you cannot have it all in life.


DSC07149p(for our affectionate readers: YES, the blog is alive, and WE are.

The point is that living here in Nepal our RumboMalungo has been captured by the national Nepalese philosophy “Vistari-Vistari”, slowly-slowly, sigá-sigá, despacito-despacito, pian-pianino)


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