Notas de viaje de dos malungos, note di viaggio di due malunghi: Colombia, Italia, India, Nepal, Thailandia, Burma/Myanmar.


There is music…

I am aware when I dance.

I am aware of movement, of my body moving, my existence breathing in and breathing out. As part of everything: being inside and yet outside. I’m aware when I dance, the movement I just made doesn’t exist but the next one depends on that one that is gone, and the movement that is coming will fade in seconds. Existence like dancing.

There is music everywhere, just listen at it in silence, in every person, in every step, in every mountain. In each movement, like in a flower, lies the magic and truth of impermanence.


One response

  1. Tus movimientos, tus pasos, tus manos tus pies tu manera de danzar es la danza de la existencia misma, el movimiento de la vida, de lo que hay, de lo que no se ve.

    Y danzas divinamente.


    2 January, 2011 at 2:18 am

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