Notas de viaje de dos malungos, note di viaggio di due malunghi: Colombia, Italia, India, Nepal, Thailandia, Burma/Myanmar.

Indian excrements.

There is something constant in our stay in India.

Its smell.


No, not the curry, or the masala, or the paneer butter masala.

It’s the Indian excrements.

Ok, speaking clearly: the Indian shit.

There is a lot.

If you count that on average a human being gives birth everyday to 150g of warm production, and that in India there are 1.190.589.000 estimated persons, that makes every day 178.900 tons of shit.

DSC00410pMore or less like a daily Indian Empire State Building.

Of Indian shit. Every single day.

Lets think about that seriously for a moment.

And we did not include in the calculation the omnipresent cow shit: with that we could possibly go on the moon and come back.

They pile it, they build mountains out of it, they burn it, children play with it, (isn’t that like playdoh-pongo?) they make bricks and finally houses out of it.

DSC06595pLet’s take the OM symbol.

DSC06595p2The famous OM.

The sacred OM.

Now watch it on a side and tell me sincerely what it looks like. Sincerely.

It is time to give to that the important spot it deserves.

Non so voi, ma a me viene in mente il Necchi nella scena del vasino in “Amici Miei” del nostro Mario Monicelli.

“Ma e’ mostvuoso! E continua a favne! Non si ferma piú!”



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