Notas de viaje de dos malungos, note di viaggio di due malunghi: Colombia, Italia, India, Nepal, Thailandia, Burma/Myanmar.

Ideological colonialism.

You educate me to your peace,

you tell me that I am a barbarian,

that I should dress like this, eat like this, pray like this,

you tell me that your god is the right one

you tell me that I am a pagan.


Yes: but.

I can still redeem myself.

If I see the light and worship your exported god.

So I let you educate me, to your way of seeing the world: you want mine to look the same as yours.

I start forgetting my past, my language, my traditions, my food, my culture.

You educate me, you wash my brain,

that is now clean and normal.

You do not care what is now my actual way to see things, the world,

and myself.

You do not really care about me.

The important things are rules and norms.

The most important thing is that sign, that simbol, that flag,

that form,

that will label me in favor of your part (against others).

If I try to stick away that label

I will be an a-normal,

a dissident,

a conflictive person.

But the conflict was not there before your arrival.

Before the labels, the norms, the *We-Vs.-You*, the divisions.

Before, all our tribes, our peoples, lived well altogether.

Yes, but now only I have been educated.

Now I am normal, and the others here are still barbarians.

They need to be educated,

to be straightened,

(it’s god who wants it)

with the force if necessary.

Ti cercarono l’anima a forza di botte.

They kicked and punched out all your soul.

Because I am right and normal

and you are wrong and pagan.

They normalized me.

They evangelized and converted me.

They did not with you.

What a pity.

Well, now someone will bring a flower to your tomb.


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